My first interest in sewing began while watching my mother. When I was 11, she started full-time work and I started making my own clothes. I taught myself the basics, by observation, reading and experimentation.  I made clothes for my sisters, my brothers, friends and parents. I sewed quilts from faded jeans and sheets. I would come home after school to sew and design, then do my homework! I dreamed of a time when creativity would dominate my work.

My art explores unexpected relationships. In life, we are taught that certain elements do not mix. But what if we could remove all those preconceived beliefs and focus on the bigger idea? My work uncovers balances we did not know exist. I test the boundaries and take risks, to create even bolder, more authentic pieces. Who says you can’t sew on canvas, or paper, or plastic? When I destroy these barriers by mixing what never gets mixed, I get lost in the flow of creativity. Deconstructing these beliefs helps me find hidden treasures. What would we make if we were truly fearless?

The portfolio below is divided into 3 sections.


Textile Art

Mixed Media